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About Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi


She was born in Morocco – Casablanca to Rabbi Elinatan and Tirtza Rothschild, and was named after the Six Day War which happened shortly before her birth. Her father was the grandson of Rabbi Ernst Weil, one of the heads of the Jewish community in Alsace, and a descendant of the Swiss Rothschild family. Her grandmother Sarah Rothschild also taught Torah to women and girls. Her maternal grandfather, Rabbi Haim Raphael Shoshana, was a rabbi and judge in Morocco And in Be’er Sheva, he also served as a linguist, bard and author of a series of books on the poetry of Moroccan Judaism. She is the great-granddaughter of Rabbi Jacob Dahan of Marrakesh. 

When she was a year-old her family immigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem, in the Bayit Vagan neighborhood. After graduating the Horev High School for girls and serving in national service as a caregiver for the elderly, she studied law at the Hebrew University, and worked as a lawyer. After that she was certified as a rabbinical claimant.

In 2001, Rabbanit Yemima began to give lessons in her home on the topic of the week’s parasha, starting with ten women in her living room.  As of today, she conducts weekly classes for thousands of women. 

Her audiences typically include everyone from high school girls to senior citizens, single and married women, religious and secular, Chassidic and Litwak, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi. Her lectures deal with the cycle of the year, the parasha of the week, the status of women and their roles, parenting relationships, dealing with difficulties and also include topical references and current events. She uses humor, emphasizes the importance of joy and femininity. In her words, Rabbanit Yemima gathers commentators from the first and the last, usually without personal innovations. The main innovation in her words is a direct appeal to women, and to various life issues from a female point of view. 

Rabbanit Yemima’s lectures are transcribed and distributed to thousands of women by her student, Yikrat Friedman, under the name “Parsha Vasha”, starting in 2002.

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Public Activity

In 2015, Rabbanit Yemima and her husband, Rav Haim Mizrachi, founded the Avni Kodesh yeshiva in Moshav Aminadav (later moved to Jerusalem), which serves as a home for “nosher” youth.

In 2022, the Rabbanit was appointed senior role in European rabbis org, as the president of the rebbetzin training program on behalf of the CER – the Conference of European Rabbis.  Rabbanit Yemima leads the new training program for the rebbetzins who lead dozens of communities throughout Europe.““More and more women in the community see the community rebbetzin as an address for various and diverse requests, and the European rebbetzins are active in personal, family and intimate counseling, volunteering at the mikveh, involved in children’s education and yet haven’t been recognized for their time and efforts. It is a small step for Europe and a big step for the religious world.”

Starting in mid-2017, Rabbanit Yemima began broadcasting an hour-long weekly program in Kan Moreshet Israel Radio. She also has regular slots on Friday mornings on Radio Kol Barama and on Wednesdays on Radio Kol Chai.

Personal life

Married to Rabbi Haim Mizrachi, a lawyer by training who serves as the head of the “Leshem” kabbalist yeshiva in the Nachalot neighborhood and as the head of the “Avney Kodesh” yeshiva in Jewrusalem. Lives in the Shaarei Hessed neighborhood in Jerusalem and is the mother of nine children. One of her children died in his youth from a congenital heart defect. 


Beginning in 2003, Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi publishes a weekly bulletin for the week’s parsha called “Parsha Ve Isha”, which contains her complete study of that parsha, in feminine language with a touch of current affairs, current affairs, holidays and festivals. A wide range of sources guides her Studying: classical commentators, Gemara, Zohar, Hasidism, and contemporary commentators. The rabbanit also incorporates current affairs, poetry and hymns into her lessons.

In 2013, her first book was published, “Parasha Ve Isha”, which contains short articles for the weekly parashas of Beresheith and Exodus. The book was edited by Yikratt Friedman, published by Yediot Books. “Parasha Ve Isha” became a “golden book”, with tens of thousands of copies sold.

In 2013, the book “What will I bless you with?” was also released, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Yediot Books, and became a golden book as well.

In 2016 the book “Kamayim, Libech” (Your Heart Like Water”) was published, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Yediot Books. It deals with the days of the The Three Weeks or Bein ha-Metzarim  through midrash and legends of the destruction. “The stories of women can reveal the status of the Shekinah, how it holds now” (Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, Likoti Moharan, part 1, Torah RG3).” The female sorrow in our generation signifies an understanding of the cosmic sorrow that exists due to the destruction of the Temple. “Kamyim, Libech” became a bestseller.

In 2018 “Mechaka Litshuva – Openings for Yom Kippur” was published, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Magid.The book provides a female perspective on the Day of Judgment and atonement, with an emphasis on the “order of work” between man and his fellow man, in an attempt to heal broken tablets, between brother and a sister, between a lover and his beloved. “Mechaka Litshuva” became a bestseller, AND WAS TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH.

In 2018 “Eich He Tzomachat” (How She Grows”) was published, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Magid. Fifty formulas that open doors to growth, renewal, joy and blessing. “How She Grows” became a golden book.

In the year 2019 “Hazmana Le Simcha” (“Invitation to Joy”) was published, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Magid. The book traces the secrets of joy, in light of the stories of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav and other thinkers. In this book Rabbanit Yemima testified that Simcha is the study of her life. The book became a bestseller and a golden book.

In the year 2023 “Vehigadet – Pesach Hagada” was published, edited by Yikrat Friedman, published by Magid. Vehigadet contains feminine teachings by the Rabbanit, as well as guided Kavanot and Rabbi Nachman of Breslov’s clever Tales. The Hagada became an immediate bestseller. 

For the past decade, the Rabbanit has been publishing every year A Year and Its Blessings – Your Yearly Planner”, an annual journal with contents and innovations in the parshas of the week and the holidays, and with quotes from great Torah scholars on their yahrtzeits.

Books in English:

“Yemima Mizrachi Speaks: Words of Torah. Words of chizuk. Words you have to hear”. Based on her popular classes, and adapted by Shiffy Friedman. Publisher: Artscroll. 2016.

“Yearning to Return: Reflections on Yom Kippur”. Edited by Yikrat Friedman, translated by Ilana Kurshan. Publisher: Maggid Books. 2020.

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לשרוד זה המון

ב”ה   את רייצ’ל גולדברג פולין אני מכירה כבר הרבה שנים.  ג’ון, בעלה, למד עם בעלי בתיכון היהודי בשיקגו. והם החליטו לקשור את גורלם בארץ

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סדרת תוכן:

נָשִׁים בַּתָּנָ"ךְ

סיפורן המופלא של עשר גיבורות תנ”כיות,
שמוסרות לנו פיסות חוכמה נצחיות. 

הרבנית ימימה מביאה את קולן של אימהות,
נביאות ומנהיגות מהימים ההם, לזמן הזה. 

באדיבות מיזם “רגע של חכמה”.

נגן וידאו

הֵרָשְׁמִי וְקַבְּלִי בְּמַתָּנָה >

הַשִּׁיעוּר הַשְּׁבוּעִי

שיעור אחד במתנה

פרשת השבוע תמיד, אבל תמיד, תפרש לך את השבוע שלך. זה הקסם שלה. היא כמו מכתב אישי מאלוקים.
וזה מה שאנחנו עושות בשיעור: מפרשות. לומדות את האקטואליה, נכנסות לרזולוציות העדינות ביותר בחיי אישה, מחכימות וטועמות טעם גן עדן. מכאן נצא זקופות יותר, שמחות ומנוחמות, ועם יכולת מוגדלת להשפיע הלאה, על אהובינו. 
היום, אנחנו מזמינות אותך.  

הֵרָשְׁמִי וְקַבְּלִי בְּמַתָּנָה: >

דַּפֵּי זָהָב

רעיון קצר ומשמעותי,
תורה שמתכתבת עם האקטואליה.
חיזוקית מלאת השראה לקחת איתך לדרך

פעם בשבוע אצלך במייל, ללא עלות.

הֵרָשְׁמִי וְקַבְּלִי בְּמַתָּנָה >

סדרת תוכן:

נָשִׁים בַּתָּנָ"ךְ

סדרה מתוך ‘רגע של חכמה’ עם הרבנית ימימה מזרחי.
סיפורם המופלא של 10 נשים מהתנ”ך. 
להתחבר מחדש למידות הטובות ולאיכויות הפנימיות
של הדמויות מהתנ”ך: האימהות, הנביאות
והמנהיגות שלנובעבר ובהווה.

נגן וידאו

לִצְפִיָּה בַּסִּדְרָה, הָרִשְׁמִי: