About Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

In the Beginning:

An attorney by training and a Rabbinical Court advocate, Rabbanit Yemima has not

actually engaged directly in those fields for many years. Her two loves – learning and

teaching Torah – she now merges together with her admiration for the Hebrew woman, and gives Torah classes for women.

It all began fourteen yeas ago in her Yerushalayim home; within only a year, word of

her unique classes reached far and wide, and her little living room with the first ten

students were exchanged for large auditoriums across the country and world, women’s seminaries, stadiums (as well as the Neve Tirtza Women’s Prison, academic seminars, high schools, addiction centers, and more), and thousands of loyal students

All attempts to pigeonhole her audience has failed: from high school girls to senior

citizens, single and married women, religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi.

She puts it this way:

“These days everyone is involved in all the professions in the world: we study law,

architecture, and alternative medicine, investing in degrees and certificates of all

kinds. If in that situation we neglect Torah study, we invite a heavenly claim against

us. Women must learn Torah, but not the masculine, yeshivish dialectic. It has to

be Chesed-Torah, connected to life, to femininity, to humanity, to motherhood, to


“The learning must shape and expand what it means to live as a woman down into the day-to-day, practical details, to bring joy, strength, and support for feminine intuition and feminine care.

“Any woman can find herself and her life story in the weekly parasha and Jewish

calendar events – the festivals, seasons, months, and years.”


  • Lectures

Rabbanit Yemima prepares a unique lecture each week to bring women profound

ideas, advice, and humor. She prepares each lecture individually as if it were a one-

time event. And in fact, her lectures are riveting: she’s charismatic, funny, full of joie-

de-vivre. She doesn’t hesitate to touch the soft underbelly, to talk about womanly pain or intimate matters: looking for a husband; marriage; maintaining the marriage bond; faith when something happens – or when nothing at all is happening; waiting to have children; fertility treatment; pregnancy; childbirth; parenthood; challenges in child rearing (adolescence, anyone?); dieting; depression and joy; self-enhancement; aging; in-laws; faith; divine guidance; separating challah; prayer; getting ready for holidays; combing for lice, and more…

All through the prism of the weekly parasha and commentaries, with a refreshing take and a large dose of humor

  • Family learning pamphlets

Parasha V’Isha is Rabbanit Yemima’s written teachings on the parasha each week,

based on h weekly class (managed by Yikrat Friedman, who edits the transcripts). The mailings come to the inboxes of women around the world – in fact Rabbanit Yemima’  “parasha sheets” have created the largest women’s Torah-learning virtual community in the world!

  • Books

In 2013-14 Rabbanit Yemima published two books (in Hebrew):

The first is a unique journal called How Shall I Bless You? Your Personal Growth

Handbook. In less than a year it became a hit, selling 20,000 copies in Israel.

The second is Parasha V’Isha – Women’s Learning (on Bereshit and Shmot). It earned

glowing praise and became a bestseller in a matter of weeks.

Both books were published through Yediot Books.

Thanks to her parents who got her this far…and her dear family.

The Rabbanit is the daughter of Rabbi Elinatan Rothschild and Rabbanit Tirtza

Rothschild, may they remain healthy. Her father was born in Switzerland, a scion of the Rothschild line, and her mother came from a venerable Casablanca family.

During her youth in Yerushalayim, her father taught her Latin, Arabic, and French – and lots of Torah

Later on, as mentioned, she studied law at Hebrew University and began to practice in the field.

Rabbanit Yemima is married to the Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Mizrachi. They live in

Yerushalayim with their family.

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Teachings from Jerusalem by Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

Torah Empowerment for Women

Rabbanit Yemima was voted one of the most influential women in Israel and she’s one of the most in-demand speakers today, attracting hundreds of women to her Shiurim, where she presents very deep messages with a sense of humor.